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Home4Me provides accommodation and support to people who face the biggest challenges and barriers. We work with people who have been sleeping rough, have been excluded from accommodation or who face barriers to engaging with services.

Everyone is offered highly personalised support to help them build a better future for themselves.

Personalised housing and support

Home4Me gives personalised, strength-based support to each person.

The project aims to:

  • Help people who have been homeless to access housing
  • Provide long-term support to people who face multiple challenges
  • Bring innovative new ways to support people out of homelessness


Home4Me is available to people (usually 18 years and over) who:

  • Face additional barriers to accommodation
  • Can claim Housing Benefit
  • Are ready to make positive changes to their life
  • Are willing to work with staff for a better future

The service is currently available in Derby.

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For more information about Home4Me please contact us on info@derventiohousing.com or 01332 292776.

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