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We are an award-winning service with extensive experience of working with private landlords. Over the years we have developed and refined the service we offer based on our close working relationships.

Working with Derventio is a win-win situation. I’m guaranteed rent on a monthly basis and I’m housing homeless individuals in my local area.

Sarah Burton, property owner

I’ve found Derventio a great organisation which means I can combine property investment with an element of social responsiblity. They provide a fantastic solution and I don’t hesitate to recommend them to other landlords. Working with them gives me a sense of fulfilment. It’s been a pleasure to work with them in the past and I hope the relationship continues for many years.

Adam Lawrence, property owner

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For enquiries about Wiltshire contact Sara Reid on 01793 239 570 or email

For Warwickshire contact Ben on 01926 677 522 or email

For all other areas contact Phil Rowland on 01332 292776 or email