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Leasing with Derventio

Derventio is a registered social landlord with years of experience in the lettings market. If you decide to lease your property with us we will provide you with an excellent property management service.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect if you lease your property through Derventio:

  • No costly estate agent letting or admin fees
  • Guaranteed rent payments, with no void or re-let fees
  • No HMO licence needed
  • Long term leases, with paperwork undertaken by Derventio at our cost
  • Leases renewed with terms agreeable to both parties
  • Free inventory
  • Ongoing property maintenance, gardening and cleaning of communal areas
  • Minimum weekly property inspections
  • Helping to house local people and build better communities
  • 24/7 management of antisocial behaviour
  • No costly court cases
  • Property returned at end of lease in tip top condition with empty possession

Get in touch

Please get in touch to find out how we can work together.

For enquiries about Wiltshire contact Sara on 01793 239 570 or email

For Warwickshire contact Ben on 01926 677 522 or email

For all other areas contact Phil on 01332 292776 or email