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Derventio appeals for landlords to help our vital work housing homeless people

Covid has placed a huge additional toll on some of society’s most vulnerable, both mentally and financially. That, coupled with a shortage of housing stock, means that we are seeing greater demand for properties than ever.

That is why we are appealing to landlords to consider our leasing scheme as an alternative to private rentals. Our offer includes three years’ guaranteed rent and responsibility for tenant-caused damage.

Derbyshire landlord Mike Alder said he has enjoyed a highly positive experience in leasing out some of his properties through Derventio over the past decade.

He said:

It really works for me to lease my properties with Derventio as they manage the tenants and I am guaranteed rent for three years. It’s like having a dependable, salaried job: you know you’re going to get paid. I provide the housing and they take care of the tenants and any issues.

I like to do up run-down properties and make them habitable. I became aware of Derventio after buying a house that I could not sell because I had spent too much on it.  I realised it was more cost effective to let the property to Derventio and allow them to manage it, so their proposition made a lot of sense.  Over time, the value of the asset continues to grow.

Mike, who has a substantial property portfolio in Derbyshire and the West Midlands, including student housing, private and family lets, said he also really appreciated Derventio’s important work in supporting people who have been through extremely tough times in their lives.

As well as offering rooms in shared accommodation to people who have been through homelessness, Derventio also runs schemes designed to support them get back on their feet. These include an employability scheme helping people with interviews and CV-writing, and Growing Lives in Ilkeston which is a day centre offering a range of activities such as outdoor walks, craft and woodworking – all designed to help people who may be struggling with self-esteem, as well as drug and alcohol use.

Mike said:

All of us can struggle from time to time, can’t we? You just need a bit of a helping hand and a bit of support: to have a roof over your head and to have somewhere safe and secure where you can stay.

What I like about Derventio is that they provide that support. They help get people back on their feet.

The leasing scheme through Derventio is very “hands-off” for landlords, Mike said, with the organisation taking care of any property damage caused by tenants as well as dealing with any challenging behaviour.

Derventio procurement manager Annabel Flint said:

We offer a great scheme for potential landlords, with three years of guaranteed rent and no voids, plus the option to extend the lease after that. There are no letting, property management or inventory fees – that’s all free. We pay our tenants’ utility bills and council tax, and we’ll also inspect properties weekly, garden in the summer, decorate when needed and clean any communal areas all year round – all for free! We guarantee returning property in a tip-top condition too.

Through leasing with us, we think landlords will have more security and potentially avoid any turbulence in the private rental market.

So I’d like to encourage any landlords with available properties to please give us a call to discuss the benefits of leasing with us. Not only can we offer you rent security and hassle-free property management, but also the benefit of knowing you are providing a home for someone greatly in need of one.

We are so grateful to landlords like Mike, who give us the means to provide these valuable bedspaces to the homeless, and who also put unwavering trust in us to look after their properties.

Mike added:

I really do think landlords should consider Derventio. There is such a thing as a win, win. Everybody should win. The tenant should win. Derventio should win. If landlords want a hands-off arrangement where Derventio looks after a property, this way they get as much income as a conventional let and they’ll be helping people in the community too.

If you are interested, please get in touch today on 01332 292776 or