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Creating textile banners at Growing Lives

People have started working together to create a large banner as part of an exciting new arts project at Growing Lives.

Led by contemporary fine artist Laura McCafferty, Parade of Banners will give people a chance to learn a range of new skills including applique, hand-sewing and machine-sewing.

By the end of the project, the group will have created a large single banner made up of several different segments, which can be carried by up to 8 people in a procession.

There is a long history of using banners at rallies, political events, protests and campaigns. The idea of our project is to use found patterns to create something that is big, bold vibrant and colourful.

The finished banner and images of the project taken by photographer Jon Legge will be displayed at local festivals and galleries.

Parade of Banners is the final part of a three-year project funded by Arts Council England.