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The Junction

The Junction is our innovative approach to introducing people to our services. It gives potential residents an idea of what Derventio is about and the chance to decide if our supported housing is right for them.

A new approach to supported housing

The Junction offers short-term accommodation for up to two weeks. People will stay in a large, recently refurbished house in one of nine comfortable bedrooms.

During their time at The Junction, people will:

  • Get to know about Derventio’s supported housing service
  • Take part in a variety of induction and training activities
  • Receive support to address any immediate challenges they are facing

As they learn about what we have to offer, we have the opportunity to get to know people using a strength-based approach, without the need for long assessment forms or interviews.

Most people will move on from The Junction to Derventio’s supported housing, where they will have stable accommodation and support to work towards their goals. If they or we feel this is not suitable, we will refer people on to a more appropriate service.

The Junction is an exciting new project that is currently operating as a pilot in Derby.


Derventio’s housing is available to people (usually 18 years and over), who:

  • Are homeless or may become homeless
  • Can claim Housing Benefit
  • Are willing to work with staff for a better future
  • Will thrive with low to medium support

Get in touch

For more information about The Junction please contact us on info@derventiohousing.com or 01332 292776. The referral form can be downloaded below.

Download referral form