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Mae’s Story

Mae is addressing her mental health issues and working with her support coach to become more independent

Mae came to Derby after a breakdown in communication with her family in Belfast. She had decided it was time to make a fresh new start following years of domestic violence, sexual abuse and psychiatric admissions.

She moved in with her new partner, but she soon realised he could be violent and she had to leave. After several placements with housing agencies and hostels in the area, Mae was eventually referred to Derventio’s Home4Me project.

We were able to provide Mae with suitable housing and offer additional help through our support service. Mae is now working with her support coach with the goal of becoming more independent. She is learning to manage her finances and benefits and her own health appointments, and keeps her flat in excellent condition.

Mae had been diagnosed early on in life with several mental health conditions including autism, extreme anxiety and PTSD. She had numerous episodes of self-harming and suicide attempts. With help from her support coach, Mae is now accessing mental health appointments and is receiving counselling. With help from her coach, she is able to go out to the shops and is learning to cook which is helping her to control her eating disorder better, and learning to read and write.

Mae still has a way to go, but she is very much on track to becoming independent and leading a fulfilling life, and hopefully achieving her dream of working with children.

We have used a stock photo and changed Mae’s name to protect her anonymity.