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Kevin’s Story

After having to leave his family home, Kevin was supported with his self-esteem and independent living

Kevin had always lived with his family, until a domestic incident meant he had to leave. Kevin has a learning difficulty and struggles with reading and writing. He also has depression and felt that his physical and mental health were deteriorating. He had been caring for his disabled sister for six years and found the task increasingly demanding and overwhelming.

When he came to The Junction, Kevin’s experiences had left him feeling very unsure of himself and his self-esteem was low. We helped Kevin to register with a GP and referred him to a counselling service. We also provided assistance with benefits, independent living and understanding Covid-19 guidance.

Kevin has engaged well with the counselling service and has been making his own health appointments. He is due to view an independent permanent property. In the meantime he has been referred to our support team to ensure that his transition to independent accommodation goes smoothly and that the move is sustainable.

We have used a stock photo and changed Kevin’s name to protect his anonymity.