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84% of residents would recommend Derventio Housing Trust

08 May 2019

84% of residents would recommend Derventio Housing Trust

More than 8 out of 10 of the people living in our supported housing say they would recommend Derventio Housing Trust to their friends and family.

86% of residents are satisfied with the service on the whole, and 76% are happy with the quality of their home.

These figures came from our latest satisfaction survey, which we carry out every year. It gives people a chance to tell us what they think of all aspects of the service, from the location of their home to what they think of staff.

An amazing 56% of residents returned their surveys this year, and their responses have given a good overview of what is working and what we could do better. All of the results have been looked at closely by senior management staff, and changes will be made based on what people have told us.

We have put together a summary of the results into a Report for Residents, which highlights key results and outlines some of the actions we will be taking.

Comments from the survey include:

"I was homeless before. I've now started sorting my life out and stopped having cannabis."

"I feel safe and secure knowing I've a roof over my head and people who care"

"I cannot find fault in any staff member that I have met. Friendly, approachable and always have time for us."

"The fact that I have a home to go to has helped me find my sense of purpose again."


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