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Local support from Foundation Derbyshire

20 Feb 2019

Local support from Foundation Derbyshire

People are benefitting from welcome packs and access to funding to help them reach their goals thanks to recent funding from Foundation Derbyshire.

Derventio was awarded two grants in October 2018 from the Tom Carey Fund and the Jefford Weller Fund to benefit people with experience of homelessness. The funding includes money for welcome packs to help residents settle into their new home and a pot of money that people can apply to for help with anything from getting a job to moving on to more permanent housing.

Six months in and more than 20 people have already directly benefitted from the funding. One person has been able to get formal ID documentation for the first time, which will help him with benefits and job searching. Another person has built their confidence by having their first trip on a train thanks to the fund and someone has used it to apply to university.

We are hugely grateful to Foundation Derbyshire, the Tom Carey Fund and the Jefford Weller Fund for this support, which is already having a big impact on people's lives.


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