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1,438 people reached - new Annual Report

10 Jan 2019

Annual Report 2017-18

We are proud to share our new 2017/18 Annual Report.

During the year we provided supported housing and a range of other services all aimed at helping people to make positive changes to their lives.

It was a busy 12 months! Here are some of the headline figures:

  • We supported a total of 1,438 people
  • 90% of people living in our supported housing were happy with the service on the whole
  • 172 people were given asset-based support through our new Support Coach team
  • 44 people improved their skills and confidence at Growing Lives
  • 32 people found work through our employability projects
  • £450,694 of public money was saved because of work done through Healthy Futures
  • There was a 99% reduction in emergency 999 calls made by people accessing the High Intensity User Service

To discover more about the services and people behind these figures take a look at the full report:


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