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Fabulous feedback from supported housing residents

14 Jun 2018

Report for Residents

More than half of the 464 residents living in our supported accommodation responded to our satisfaction survey (54%) - and the results were overwhelmingly positive.

Responses to the question about achievements to help show the type of issues residents are facing, and how the stability of their supported housing is helping them to move forward. Here are some examples.

What has been your biggest achievement during your time with Derventio?

"I have started running in the park because I feel better living here"

"Getting the right medication for my mental health"

"Stopping taking drugs"

"More than anything having a bit more self worth and pride in the way I take care of myself and appearance"

"Getting help with depression and anxiety"

"Staying out of prison/trouble"

"Being able to carry on being a father to my children"

"Getting my life back on track"

"Completing a half marathon"

"Clearing my debts"

"I have sorted out GP, dentist, drug advice service - things I would not have done living rough"

We have looked closely at all the responses for a complete picture of what residents think of the service and how we can improve. The results have been shared with residents in a "you said, we did" style report. Click here to take a look at the report.


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