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Community marks Homeless Sunday at Derby Cathedral

24 Jan 2017

Celebrating Homeless Sunday at Derby Cathedral

People in Derby came together on Sunday to celebrate Homeless Sunday - a nationally recognised day that was celebrated by churches and groups across the country.

This was the seventh year Homeless Sunday has been marked at Derby Cathedral. The service was presided over by the Right Reverend Dr Alastair Redfern, the Bishop of Derby, who spoke movingly about the continuing problem of homelessness in our society.

It was a varied service, full of discussion, prayer and contemplation including the thought-provoking sermon, specially written prayers of penitence and intercession and a pertinent song performed by the Cathedral Junior Choir.

The packed congregation included people affected by homelessness as well as representatives from a number of local homelessness organisations, including Padley Group, YMCA Derbyshire, Derby Churches Night Shelter and Derventio Housing Trust.

Also in attendance were a number of local leaders and dignitaries wishing to show their commitment to addressing the homelessness crisis. These included Cllr Richard Iliffe, the Mayor of Amber Valley; Cllr Abey Stevenson, the Mayor of Erewash; Cllr Linda Winter, the Mayor of Derby; Elizabeth Fothergill, the High Sheriff of Derbyshire; William Tucker, HM Lord Lieutenant of Derbyshire; Amanda Solloway, MP for Derby North and Hardyal Dhindsa, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Derbyshire.

Jackie Carpenter, Assistant Director, Strategy & Development for Derventio Housing Trust, who helped organise the service, said: "The numbers of people who are homeless in the UK is on the rise, and so this was a particularly timely and relevant service. I hope that people came away feeling positive that there are things we can do together to make a difference."


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