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Healthy Futures a winner at Guardian Public Service Awards

30 Nov 2016

Guardian Public Service Awards 2016

Derventio Housing Trust’s Healthy Futures project won a prestigious award at last night’s Guardian Public Service Awards.

Healthy Futures supports hospital patients in areas across Derbyshire with their housing needs and overall quality of life, preventing repeat admissions and promoting better health and wellbeing.

It was recently shortlisted in the Health and Wellbeing category, sponsored by Remploy, and was announced the winner at last night’s glittering ceremony in London. The Guardian received more entries than ever before, so it was a real accolade to be shortlisted and then to win.

Kate Gillespie, the strategic lead for the project said: “We’re very small compared to the other project shortlisted in our category, Bart’s Health NHS Trust, so it was a bit like David and Goliath! Healthy Futures has a real impact on people who are in hospital and have nothing waiting for them outside. We give people dignity and reduce their dependency on acute care so they can live healthier and more independent lives.

“A lot of the success of the project is down to the staff. They’re just amazingly capable and patient and resourceful. I’m immensely proud of them.”

The Guardian Public Service Awards aims to highlight the very best fresh and creative public services from the public, private and voluntary sectors.

Guardian journalist, David Brindle, commented: “The winners of the Guardian Public Service Awards 2016 have all challenged the way things are done. They have effected change to make services better for the people using them, better at reaching others who should use them and – an inescapable requirement in this long and bleak fiscal winter – better value for the taxpayer. The overwhelming evidence is that public services may be battered by austerity, but they are unbowed.”


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