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Boost for Growing Lives thanks to Derbyshire County Council

11 Nov 2016

Councillor Birkin presenting the £1,000 cheque

Our Growing Lives project has been given £1,000 by Derbyshire County Councillor and local councillor Glennice Birkin.

Growing Lives runs a wide range of activities including gardening, looking after chickens, cookery, furniture upcyling, bicycle repair and arts & crafts. Last year it supported 36 people to improve their health, skills and motivation.

The project has been given a much-needed boost by the Derbyshire County Council Members' Community Leadership Scheme - an annual fund which can be used by county councillors to support projects in their division. Glennice Birkin, Labour councillor for Ilkeston East, has given the project £1,000 to buy equipment.

Sarah Hernandez, Derventio's Managing Director, said: "We are delighted that Councillor Birkin has chosen to support Growing Lives. The project is based in Cotmanhay, a former coalfields community that has high levels of deprivation. The activities and support we offer through Growing Lives have helped local people to make real improvements to their lives. This donation will mean we can buy essential equipment to keep the project going and continue to make a difference."


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