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Two Year Evaluation of Healthy Futures

08 Feb 2016

Healthy Futures Two Year Evaluation

We have launched an evaluation report of our homeless hospital discharge project, Healthy Futures – providing an overview of how the project has operated and who it has helped over the last two years.

Homeless people face severe health inequalities compared with the general population, and can easily find themselves in a vicious cycle of ongoing health issues and repeat hospital admissions. This has significant cost implications to the NHS and other health, housing and social care services. Above all, however, is the impact it has on an individual’s health and welfare. Without good health it is also difficult to address wider needs and move on to employment and independent living.

Healthy Futures has developed a successful model that combines coordinated discharge with practical help and holistic support to homeless people in hospital. In its first two years the project has supported 52 high-impact users of urgent care and 72 homeless patients, and provided brief interventions to 141 people.

This evaluation report provides an overview of how the project has operated and who it has helped over the last two years. 

It is available to download or to view online.


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