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Introducing The Junction

07 Jan 2020

Introducing The Junction

We are excited to be launching our brand new project, The Junction, this January. Based in a newly refurbished building in the centre of Derby, The Junction is a new and innovative way to introduce people to our accommodation services.

Potential residents will stay in one of 9 comfortable bedrooms for up to two weeks. They will meet staff, get to know about Derventio’s housing service and take part in a variety of induction and training activities. The building has been newly appointed with high quality furnishings and modern facilities, including TVs and DAB radios donated by Wavelength.

As people learn about what we have to offer, we have the opportunity to get to know them using a strength-based approach, without the need for long assessment forms or interviews.

Most people will move on from The Junction to Derventio’s supported housing, where they will have stable accommodation and support to work towards their goals. If they or we feel this is not suitable, we will refer people on to a more appropriate service.

The Junction is a different way to take in new residents that turns the traditional assessment process on its head. We plan to closely monitor the project and adapt and change if needed.

If you would like more information please contact us at or 01332 292776.


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