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Proud to support the Derby Caribbean Carnival

05 Jul 2019

Proud to support the Derby Caribbean Carnival

Derventio is proud to be supporting the Derby West Indian Community Association (DWICA) and the Derby Caribbean Carnival 2019.

On Sunday 21st July a colourful parade will move through Derby City Centre providing music and entertainment. The Derby Caribbean Carnival will be led by the Carnival Queen, Elaine Yorke, who works for Derventio as an Intensive Housing Management Officer. As Carnival Queen Elaine will not only have a central role at the carnival, but also has a busy summer attending other events up and down the country.

Another member of the Derby West Indian Community Association who will be involved in this year's carnival is Mica Barrett. Mica also works for Derventio as Finance Team Leader, and was Elaine's predecessor as Carnival Queen!

We are really proud of our colleagues for their involvement and achievements as part of the Derby Caribbean Carnival and are delighted to be sponsoring this year's event.

For more information about the Derby Caribbean Carnival on Sunday 21st July visit:


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