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Local gym gives free passes to Derventio residents

13 Jun 2019

Local gym gives free passes to Derventio residents

Buzz Gym in Swindon has generously given 20 passes to people who have faced homelessness and are now living in Derventio Housing Trust supported housing.

The gesture was made to celebrate Mental Health Awareness Week. The passes will be given to people living in Derventio's supported housing who are struggling with their mental health, and will provide free access to the gym for a week.

Derventio Housing Trust provides supported accommodation to people who are facing homelessness. Many residents face other problems that have led to or been caused by their homelessness. The main issue people have is their mental health, which affects half of all Derventio Housing Trust residents in the South West.

Buzz Gym Club Manager, Tee Koudoua said: "We are proud to mark Mental Health Awareness Week by giving people access to the gym who may not otherwise have had the chance to attend. We know that exercise has real benefits to mental health, and I'm glad Buzz Gym can help."

Derventio Housing Trust Assistant Director, Jackie Carpenter, added: "Exercise is a great way to improve mental health and wellbeing, and the people who use these passes will get a lot out of their free gym access. We are truly grateful to Buzz Gym for their generosity."


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