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Hannells Darley Park Concert sponsors donate to Derventio

30 May 2019

Hannells Darley Park Concert sponsors donate to Derventio

The sponsors of the Hannells Darley Park Concert will be donating 10p for each ticket sold for the concert to Derventio Housing Trust and local homelessness charity, The Padley Centre.

The Hannells Darley Park Concert is set in the stunning natural amphitheatre of Darley Park and is one of the UK's biggest outdoor classical events. Derventio Housing Trust is delighted at this generous offer made by the sponsors Hannells, Huub, Flint Bishop, Mobile Solutions (UK) Ltd, the Mortgage Bureau, Stratstone BMW and WDS Ltd.

The donation will go towards providing housing and support for people who have experience of homelessness and may be facing other issues such as mental ill health.

This year's concert will be held on Sunday 1 September 2019 from 6pm, with gates open from 2pm. Tickets are available for £3.50 when bought by 31 July 2019, with under 16s free with a ticket. Tickets are £7.50 if bought on the day.


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