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Growing Lives arts project events coming up

21 May 2019

Growing Lives arts events projects coming up

Out of the Box is part of a three-year arts programme working with people at the Growing Lives project.

From generously shared personal stories, artist Jan Flamank gently condensed conversations into haiku-style poems, using only people's own words. The poems are presented alongside personal photographs in a book and a display of small boxes. The project gives a glimpse into the real lives of local people who have been through tough times.

Out of the Box will feature at the following venues:

Derby Book Festival

A talk with the artists and writers to hear about their experiences
1-2pm Tuesday 4th June 2019
Find out more and book tickets here:

Haarlem Artspace, Wirksworth

Launch event and three-day exhibition
Launch event: 7-9pm Thursday 13th June 2019
Exhibition dates: 10am-4pm Saturday 15th to Sunday 16th June 2019
Visit Haarlem Artspace website:


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